Deacon Ministries


The deacons are spiritual leaders who, along with the pastor, are charged with the responsibility of leading the church under God’s Holy Spirit. 


Role of Servant

A deacon can best be understood from the scripture as a servant of Christ, the Church, and others. Baptists often refer to Acts 6:1-6 as a model for choosing deacons. These individuals, who were chosen because of their spiritual depth and wisdom, were commissioned the task of serving the hungry and widowed. I Timothy 3:8-13 also maintains that the role of deacon should be reserved for those possessing spiritual maturity and a heart of service.



Spiritual maturity does not necessarily come with age, but an older candidate will have had ample opportunity to demonstrate spiritual depth, faithfulness to the Church and a record of service to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Deacons should manage their family and household well and exemplify spiritual leadership in all walks of life. Deacons, like all believers, are expected to give tithes and offerings to the church (Malachi 3:9-10), care for the needs of the poor, hungry and sick, support the pastor in the mission and ministry of the church, and commit themselves to continual growth in their relationship with God.